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We’ve GROWN!

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Studio Artistica, Inc.

The instinct to decorate is uniquely human. The Decorative Arts began with the earliest cave paintings, where pre-historic humans recorded their activities and decorated their dwellings. The craft has evolved into highly-skilled Artisans and specialized trades, generating artworks that have shaped and defined human history.

Until modern times, only the very affluent were able to employ talented Artists and Artisans to execute works of art. Advances in modern technology now allow mainstream society to enjoy a wide variety of finishes and fine art. Faux Creations, Inc. brings you a very broad range of artistic talent; we work with you to custom-design and realize your vision.

Faux Creations, Inc. is a Decorative Art firm based in Northern Virginia. We primarily serve the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area, as well as homes and offices around the world.

Faux Creations, Inc. employs highly-skilled artisans and artists who have studied at the finest decorative painting schools. Continuing education is a requirement for all employees and ensures that our technical skills and product knowledge are most current and state of the art.

Recent News!

“Faux Creations” as seen on the cover of Élan Magazine.

elan magazine cover featuring painting from Lisa Tureson

Faux Creations, Inc. has been voted “Designer’s Choice” of Decorative and Fine Art Studios by the Design community as surveyed by Home & Design Magazine. This is the second time in three years we have received this honor.